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DAY 1 - Friday, July 21 - The Long Ride

Grand Haven, MI to Chicago, IL

Day 1 is all about the ride. The long Ride, that is. At over 200 miles in distance, the One Lappers will have over 7 hours of seat time as they hug the lakeshore on their way to the Windy City. Stopping only for fuel, lunch and a few filming opportunities, the riders will push to get to their overnight destination. The riders will quickly learn challenges and limitations as they experience riding on everything from back-county roads, to the downtown streets of Chicago. With the expected arrival to be late in the evening, they will have just enough time for dinner and drinks as they marvel at the towering landscape of Chicago.

DAY 2 - Saturday, July 22 - Scooter City

Chicago, IL to Lake Geneva, WI

With the long ride behind them, the crew will be able to enjoy the first half of Day 2 by tooling around downtown Chicago. They will visit some of Chicago's most iconic landmarks and reach into the history of what makes Chicago so great. Heading north, they will stop by the home of the 2016 World Series winning Cubs, before stopping by one of the most unique bars in the country; Blarney Island. Eventually, the One Lappers will roll into Scooter City; Lake Geneva where they have more scooters per capita than any other city in the country, if not the world.

DAY 3 - Sunday, July 23 - The Meet-Up

Lake Geneva, WI to Sheboygan, WI

One Lap is most excited to meet up with the biggest scooter club around, the Scoot Jockeys. The crew will meet up with both the Lake Geneva and Milwaukee chapters of this amazing group of scooter enthusiasts. They will ride with the Scoot Jockeys for half of the day and spend some quality time swapping stories about the love of scootering. One Lap will also explore Milwaukee's rich history on two wheels via a visit to the Harley Davidson Museum on their way to the day's final destination,  the beautiful and charming lakeside city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

DAY 4 - Monday, July 24 - Border Crossing

Sheboygan, WI to Escanaba, MI

As most people are heading back into work on Monday, the riders will continue heading north on another long ride. This time the ride will be through more desolate country and coastal roads where towns, and more importantly, gas stations are more scarce. One place they look forward to stopping is Green Bay, where the One Lappers will explore this iconic football town. After visiting Lambeau Field, the crew will then head north, along the lakeshore of Green Bay crossing over their final border on their way to their overnight destination, Island Resort and Casino in Escanaba, MI.

Day 5 is the first of two days where, the One Lappers will explore the beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The path out of Escanaba will be a direct route to the Lake Superior tourist town of Munising. From there, they will hug the Lake Superior coast line to take in the splendor of picture rocks. There will be many photo ops as they pass by famous landmarks, such as Miner's Castle Point and Chapel Rock on their way the rural Lake Superior town of Grand Maria. The challenges and dangers for the riders will be the cool temperatures and bears that can out run the top speed of the scooters. 

DAY 5 - Tuesday, July 25 - Superior Ride

Escanaba, MI to Grand Marias, MI

DAY 6 - Wednesday, July 26 - Bridge Crossing

Grand Marias, MI to Mackinaw City, MI

On Day 6, the Crew will continue their journey through some of the most beautiful locations in the U.P. They will explore the second highest waterfall east of the Mississippi, visit one of the oldest continuous working light houses, that has safely guided coal ships for decades and experience three of the five great lakes. They will attempt to cross one of the most intimidating bridges in the world, the five mile long Mackinaw Bridge on their way to reconnect with the Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Day 6 will be one of the most interesting and scenic days of the adventure.

DAY 7 - Thursday, July 27 - Going South

Mackinaw City, MI to Traverse City, MI

For the first time since  Day 1, and with the Upper Peninsula still within sight, the crew begins heading south. On Day 7, it is all about outdoor adventures. With only a hundred miles or so to cover, a number of activities are planned for the day which include: zip-lining at the Boyne Mountain Ski Resort and kayaking on the crystal clear waters of Torch Lake. Eventually the One Lappers will conclude their day bar hopping in popular tourist town of Traverse City.

DAY 8 - Friday, July 28 - Welcome Back

Traverse City, MI to Grand Haven, MI

The final day of One Lap will be much like the first; another 200+ mile day hugging the coastline of Lake Michigan. The route will pass by several scenic lookouts, perched high above the dunes. The riders will make a stop at West Michigan's sandy paradise; Silver Lake. The One Lappers will take a spirited ride on the dunes before heading south, on the final leg of the journey. They will complete the 1,200 mile journey, standing exactly were they began, just eight days prior, in Grand Haven, MI. They will celebrate the incredible journey by eating, drinking and reminiscing about the journey that they have just completed.


The One Lappers will clock a total of 1,200 miles on their 8-day, clock-wise, journey around Lake Michigan. Each day they will begin at 8:00 AM with the hope to make it to their overnight accommodations by 9:00 PM. Travel will be at an average of only 25 MPH. Each day they will be facing a 160+ mile, 6 1/2 hour ride. The remaining time will be spent exploring destinations, seeking adventures and enjoying local cuisine. Planned details about each day of their journey are below or you can download the timeline for a more granular route plan.