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One Lap

Travel Documentary Series about a Group of Friends Embarking on Week Long Adventures Riding Scooters, Seeking Adventures and Visiting Iconic Locations  


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One Lap was an idea that was created to combat everyday life. For most of us, life is defined by a very repetitive daily routine. By following the backroads of America on the slowest road legal vehicles, one is forced to see and experience things differently. The thought of slowing down and smelling the roses defines the essence of the One Lap experience. Riding for a week from town to town while Mother Nature has her way with you is an experience many will never experience. One Lap plans do create this experience regularly as the seeks new destinations and routes across the country.

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For 2017 and riding at a top speed of only 30 MPH, the clockwise path included eight 200-mile legs. With overnight stays in Chicago, Lake Geneva, Sheboygan, Escanaba, Grand Maria, Mackinaw City and Traverse City, the riders are forced to ride regardless of conditions to make their overnight accommodations. Along the way they got to enjoy adventures, stop at famous landmarks, eat at incredible restaurants and view the scenic beauty of the back roads surrounding Lake Michigan.


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